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Hi Paul,

I hope everyone took time to acknowledge their loved ones on the 14th.

Well it certainly seems spring is well on its way on Vancouver Island.  Some trees are budding, the odd snow drops & daffodils are up, the seagulls and sealions have seemed very well fed for the last 3 weeks, indicating the herring are coming early and on Feb. 4th I cut the grass and the neighbour trimmed his trees.  Today was so nice I went for my 1st kayak trip for the year and saw sealions real up.

We are looking forward to a very active spring, both real estate wise and with the family.  The market inventory continues to build and also in preparation of our daughter's wedding in June.

Selection for Buyers is increasing and its a good time to discuss and determine what desires you have for the next 12 months or so and get in position to act (financing, understanding the market and narrowing the attributes & location you want) for when the 'right' property becomes available.  As a Seller it is also the time to position yourself to be ready and available for when the right buyer is out there.  Spring brings an increase in listings / competiition however that cycle also brings opportunity as buyer activity increases.

Thanks so much for checking out this month's newsletter and if you want to discuss your options and opportunities please give me a call.

Make it a Great Day!

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Breathe Easy -- Healthy Air, Healthy Home 
 The term "air quality" is usually associated with outdoor air pollution caused by cars and factories.  The shocking truth however is that the toxins in our home are often more dangerous than those outside.

Hazards present themselves in the form of pet dander, dust mites, nitrous dioxides from natural gas, formaldehyde from furniture and various allergens including fungi.  Here are just a few ways to improve your home's air quality:

  1. Just Let It Out - Properly ventilate your home to reduce pollutants and moisture.  Use exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms and open your windows whenever possible to allow toxins to escape.

  2. Clean Green - Use natural cleaners such as lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda instead of  household cleansers that contain toxic chemicals.  There are also various houseplants that purify your home's air such as peace lilies and spider plants.

  3. Tread Lightly - Carpets trap various irritants which present serious dangers, especially for children.  If replacing carpets with hardwood isn’t an option, make sure to vacuum a few times a week and place doormats at the entrances of your home.

  4. Furry Friends - Brush pets outside and wash their beds each week to control hair and dander.  There are also a variety of indoor air purification systems designed to improve your home's air quality that are especially great for pet owners.

Nothing in life is quite as precious as the air we breathe.  That said, the air we breathe is also taken for granted.  We focus so much time and effort sprucing up our home so that it looks nice.   It therefore makes sense for us to ensure our home's air quality is also clean.

Cracking Up is No Laughing Matter 
A serious foundation problem can quickly turn into an expensive nightmare.  Most buyers realize this and will simply walk away or at best, won't purchase the home until it's been properly repaired.

If you notice cracks, bowing or anything else that looks suspicious, you'll want to determine how serious it might be.  It's strongly recommended that you have the foundation inspected by a qualified professional.

Foundation cracks are caused by hydrostatic pressure as water soaks into the earth around the base of the house.  The foundation sinks as water from the gutters spills out and puddles around the house putting pressure against the foundation wall which causes cracks that make the house settle more than it should.

Indications of a house with possible foundation problems include unlevel floors, windows and doors that are hard to open/shut and diagonal cracks on the wall around the corners of doors and windows.  It's important to keep in mind though that most houses have cracks and defects which are purely cosmetic.

If you're selling a home with a foundation problem, it's best to get it fixed beforehand as a questionable foundation problem can often squash a sale.  If you don't plan on getting it fixed, at least get a quote so you're able to show potential buyers how much the repairs will cost.

Food for Thought 
"Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves without any insistence that they satisfy you." - Wayne Dyer, Author & Speaker 

"I am grateful for all of my problems.  After each one was overcome, I became stronger and more able to meet those that were still to come.  I grew in all my difficulties." - James Cash Penney, 1875-1971, Founder of J.C. Penney Stores


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