Real Estate Word -- The Green House Effect April 2009   

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It’s easy to "go green" when renovating your home as most businesses now offer a variety of alternatives.  Our first article discusses some options that'll make your home more e-friendly.

Deciding whether or not to own a dog can be a difficult.  Our second article highlights some important considerations that'll help you determine if "man's best friend” is for you.

Finally, we all love getting a great deal but nothing beats a freebie!  Our third article reveals one of computing’s best kept secrets that could save you up to $500.

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The Green House Effect 
Homeowners everywhere are demanding eco-friendly choices so they can help protect the environment as well as yield long term financial benefits.  Here are a few environmentally friendly ideas to keep in mind if you’re looking to update your home:
  1. It’s a Tankless Job - By purchasing a tankless water heater, you’ll save one more water heater from ending up at the landfill.  Although it may cost more initially, you’ll save money in the long run as water's only heated on demand.
  2. Go Low Flow - You'll instantly cut down your water usage by installing a low flow shower head.  If your toilet’s seen better days, consider installing a low flow toilet which will also put money back in your pocket while conserving water.
  3. A Bright Idea - Energy saving light bulbs use around 75% less electricity than regular bulbs and last up to ten times longer so you’ll save on your bills and help the environment.  Consider adding timers or motion detectors outside to save even more!
  4. Breathe Easy - Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) consist of chemicals that are released into the air over time.  These chemicals are emitted by building materials such as cabinetry, carpet and paint and are detrimental to our health.  Improve your indoor air quality by using VOC alternatives.
  5. Hug a Tree - Cork, reclaimed wood and bamboo are all environmentally friendly flooring options. Carpet usually isn't an earth-friendly choice as it emits VOCs and isn’t biodegradable; however, the carpet industry is changing to meet the needs of conscious buyers by using recycled materials and natural fibres.
  6. Generate Green Energy - Solar power takes the heat and light from the sun and converts it into useable energy.  Solar panels will cut the cost of your electricity bill, contribute to the fight against  global warming and add value to your home.

Lessening our carbon footprint is a priority for most of us.  Our home is a great place to start making a contribution as small changes can make a big impact.  If you’re in the process of remodelling or just want to consider some greener options for your current home, there are many choices available that will not only save our planet but will also save you money!

What's Up Dog? 
Dogs are very loyal companions.  Having a faithful friend lavish you with love and affection is the reason so many of us opt to own a dog.  There are however a number of things to consider before purchasing a dog -- here are a few points to keep in mind.

Owning a dog will dramatically change your lifestyle.  If you enjoy going away on a moment’s notice for example, a dog could seriously cramp your style.  You also have to take the time every day to exercise  your dog and you'll want to consider unforeseen financial costs should medical attention be required.

Most people agree, the only part of owning a dog that really stinks is having to scoop up their poop!  The reality is that if they knew how to scoop up their own poop, they wouldn't be pets so there's just no getting out of this one -- you'll have to pick up after Fido.

If you decide to purchase a pooch, you’ll want to carefully evaluate the various breeds.  The size and personality of the dog should be suited to your living situation.  The breed will also help determine the dog's lifespan, how suited they are to children and how much they'll cost to feed.

Owning a dog is a big responsibility that will affect your lifestyle for many years to come so take the time to consider things carefully.  With all the extra work and money involved, dogs aren't for everyone but for many it's more than worth it as they provide an endless supply of unconditional love and affection.

Computer Freebies - Part 1 
If you love getting something for nothing, we've got a treat for you! is a software suite that includes word processing, presentation slides, spreadsheets and much more.  It's similar to Microsoft Office but it’s completely free!

Despite being an extremely powerful application, is very easy to use so it's suitable for everyone from complete beginners to computer experts.  You don’t even need to worry about your current word and excel documents as they'll be automatically converted for you. is easy to install and can be put on as many computers as you like because there's no need for a license.  It's one of those deals that sounds too good to be true but it's in fact a reality so tell all your friends and family!  Stay tuned next month when we’ll profile free anti-virus software.

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