Real Estate Word -- Sustainable Communities May 2010   

We all want to live in a community that benefits both our family and the environment.  Our first article outlines some of the advantages a sustainable community offers its residents.

A lush green lawn not only gives your home top notch curb appeal but it also forces out weeds.  Our second article discusses some tips that'll make your lawn look like the local golf course!

Finally, our third article shares a tool which enables you to access your home/office PC from a remote  computer.  Not only is it easy to set up but it doesn't cost a dime!

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In this issue...
Living in a Sustainable Community 
To lessen our impact on the environment, we need to first examine our own stomping ground.  Sustainable communities are areas that foster a socially, environmentally and economically friendly climate.  Here are some of their primary advantages:

  1. Less Smog - Designated bike paths promote physical fitness and reduce dependence on smog producing cars.  Less traffic also means safer areas for pedestrians and children.

  2. Walk this Way - Close proximity to stores, schools, restaurants, etc reduces greenhouse gas emissions as residents can walk to their destination.

  3. Trees Please - Tree lined streets provide better air quality and a home for wildlife.  They also reduce utility bills by cooling homes in the summer and sheltering them from winter winds.

  4. Making Friends - It’s easy to get to know others in your area as you’ll meet people while shopping at local stores or when you're out for a walk.

  5. Happy Living - Less time spent commuting means more time for play and socializing.  Living somewhere with a strong community identity is also a major factor in people’s happiness.

  6. Mixed Housing - A diversity of housing opportunities exist so that as people’s needs change, they're able to remain near the many friends they've made in the area they call home.

Sustainable communities are safer, healthier and foster solid community relations.  Don’t wait for local politicians to take action.  Start now by forming a community association or perhaps organize a local book club or a street party.  You and your community will be stronger, happier and healthier for it!

The Grass Can Always Be Greener 
A thick, healthy lawn greatly improves a home's curb appeal.  We all want our gardens to look spectacular when we’re entertaining or relaxing outside.  Properly taking care of your lawn is key to enjoying lush green grass so read on for some great lawn care tips:

  1. Zig Zag - Mowing the grass in different directions prevents wear patterns and encourages upright growth.

  2. Stay Sharp - Avoid mowing when it’s wet and remember to sharpen the blade several times during the season.

  3. No Short Cuts - Don't cut your lawn too short.  Tall grass is more stress tolerant, shades out weeds and has deeper roots to increase the intake of nutrients and water.

  4. Breathe Deeply - Aerating puts holes in your lawn to loosen the ground which allows water to easily get to the roots.  This natural treatment will make your lawn look like a golf course!

  5. Natural Nutrients - Unless your grass is in really bad shape, it’s best to leave your grass clippings on the lawn as they’ll provide important nutrients.

There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly cut grass.  Properly taking care of your lawn will greatly increase your home's curb appeal!  Just make sure to walk around and pick up sticks, stones and the kids toys before you begin :)

Work Wirelessly Wherever 
Now that the warm weather's here, many of us are itching to get away from our desks to spend time outside.  Thanks to remote access tools such as, we're now able to access our PCs from almost anywhere! enables you to log into your home/office PC from another computer whether you're in the backyard or halfway across the world.  File changes are reflected on your main computer in real time so there's no need to re-upload your work.  It’s easy to install and doesn't cost a dime!  Just visit to get started.

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