Adding community events and attractions to your eNewsletter will massively increase your readership. Our first article explains why customizing your newsletter with regionally specific content should be an integral part of your marketing plan.

Our second article this month discusses our upcoming social media service which will automatically create posts for your Facebook and Twitter pages as well as offer ways to promote your social media pages.

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How to Become the Trusted Local Expert 
Our “groups” feature will help position you as the local expert!

Imagine what it would be like to be known as the local community expert. Our new “groups” feature can turn that dream into a reality!

All you need to do is create a group such as “Sunnydale” and each month you’ll receive a duplicate newsletter which you can customize with content that’s specific to that area. Any subscribers marked as “Sunnydale” will automatically receive that version each month.

Personalizing your newsletter with community events and segmenting it into different regions will help you stand out from other agents. Here are just a few reasons why detailing a local festival, special event or hidden walking trail in your monthly eNewsletter will make a huge difference to your business:

  1. They Want It - Revealing those best kept secret events that people usually hear about after the fact will make your subscribers look forward to your newsletter each month.

  2. Your Name Pops Up - When your subscribers go to the event and people ask “How did you hear about us?” they’ll say “My real estate agent Jane Doe told me about it!”

  3. Community Expert - Your out-of-town prospects will see you as the community expert which is exactly the type of real estate agent they want representing them.

  4. Forward Thinking - If subscribers want to share the event with family and friends, your information will be forwarded on or could possibly go viral on the web!

  5. Networking - Community organizers will be grateful to you for promoting their events and as a result, they’ll likely pass your name on in return.

Your newsletter will be treasured by your readers if it contains community information! In order for it to be successful though, you must be consistent. The 15 minute investment of time each month will be well worth it. Transforming yourself into the top local authority will do wonders for your business while leaving the rest of your colleagues in the dust!

Coming Soon Social Media Services 
The key to a successful social media plan is to be consistent.

Social media is an amazing way to connect with future clients. Everyone’s on Facebook and/or Twitter and real estate agents who use it properly enjoy huge success!

In order to be a social media success however, you need to consistently create engaging posts. Unfortunately, posting to your social media pages is one of the first things to be neglected when things get hectic.

We plan on coming out with a service in the near future that will automatically post articles to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. At first the posts will be very general at the rate of two or so a week but eventually the posts will become much more regionally specific.

We will also be including a variety of ways for you to promote your social media pages such as professionally done contests, customer surveys to help obtain testimonials, special reports/coupons and the creation of custom tabs to help increase interaction.

Please let me know if there are any specific features you’d like to see incorporated into our social media service. We’re looking for feedback from both social media newbies and veterans. We’re also looking for some volunteers who would like to help us test out our new service – no charge of course :)

Help Me Help You! 
We help real estate agents achieve online success!

I was once a very successful agent so I completely understand the business and would love the opportunity to help you increase your sales.

Our strategy centres around our eNewsletter but we also offer customizable websites, a search engine friendly directory and a complete CRM system to help automate your follow-up efforts.

What really sets us apart though is the one-on-one motivational training that we provide at no extra charge in order to help you succeed. After all, your success is our gain!

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