LinkedIn is an important weapon in your social media arsenal.  Our first article reveals some advanced tips on how to get the most out of this important online tool.

We’re also excited to share Real Estate Word’s new “Groups” feature which allows you to easily split your subscriber base into different segments for farming purposes, among other things.

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Advanced LinkedIn Tips - Part 1 
LinkedIn can really increase your business if you know how to use it!

LinkedIn is the social network of choice for businesses as it’s a great way to generate referrals and increase website traffic. Here are a few advanced LinkedIn tips that’ll help you take things to the next level:

  1. Get the App - Install the LinkedIn app on your smartphone so you can network on the go!

  2. Vanity URL - Custom URLs that include your name look much more professional and are easier to remember. Just go to Edit Profile and then click Public Profile URL.

  3. Come Alive - Upload images and videos to your profile by clicking Edit Profile and then Upload a File to add your logo or click Add a Link to showcase your YouTube videos.

  4. Spread the News - Make sure to include your LinkedIn URL on your newsletter. Just log into your newsletter account and click the Social Media icon.

  5. Ask for Recommendations - Nothing showcases your professionalism like a series of amazing testimonials! Go to Account & Settings, then click Privacy & Settings followed by Manage Recommendations and finally Ask for Recommendations.

  6. Pay It Forward - Don’t be afraid to offer recommendations to others because every time you do, your profile will appear next to their name for others to see!

Advanced tips are all well and good but it’s important to keep the basics in mind. Start with a good quality photo and ensure your profile is completely filled out. The best advice I can give is to just roll up your sleeves and start clicking around to explore LinkedIn’s various features and options. Stay tuned next month for more advanced LinkedIn tips!

Coming Soon - New "Groups" Feature 
Farm your territory easily with our new “Groups” feature!

Real Estate Word is excited to announce the upcoming release of our new “Groups” feature which will make it simple for you to divide subscribers into segments for farming purposes, among other things!

If you sell real estate in various areas, you’ll soon be able to easily segment your subscribers based on their location so that they’ll receive different versions with local stats and information for their community. This feature will set you apart from your competition and brand you as the local expert!

If you have a different language edition, you can ensure all your Spanish readers for example get that particular version. This kind of personalization will make your subscribers look forward to your newsletter each month!

This same idea applies if you’d like a version that’s specific to seniors, first time home buyers, rental properties, condos or cottages. The list of possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

We want you to see your subscribers as a community you’re developing personal relationships with, rather than just a collection of email addresses. Our unique communities group feature will help brand you as the local real estate authority in a personal yet professional way.

A Special Spring Deal Just For You! 
To celebrate our “Groups” feature, we have deals for everyone!

If you sign up for our incredible monthly eNewsletter service at before April 30th with the code cxiq83ZP you’ll get free set up and the 2nd month for free, an $87 value!.

We will also be charging extra for the groups feature in the near future but if you get on board now, you can take advantage of the deal we’re giving our current clients.

Because we value our current clients, we are giving you the groups feature at no additional charge for life! If you’re not already a client, there’s no better time to join then now. If you know of someone who could use this service, please pass them onto us and we’ll reward you through our referral program!

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