Last month we introduced five LinkedIn tips to help agents get the most from this online networking tool.   This month we reveal five more advanced tips!

We also discuss the ins and outs of the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) which comes into effect on July 1st, 2014.

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Advanced LinkedIn Tips - Part 2 
LinkedIn is like Facebook in a suit: it’s nothing personal, just business.

Every business person should be leveraging LinkedIn to increase sales as it’s a fantastic way to generate referrals.

Last month we shared some advanced LinkedIn tips. Here are five more amazing LinkedIn tips that’ll help increase your business:

  1. Shuffle Around - You can easily rearrange the order of your profile by clicking the arrow buttons on the right-hand side of each profile section.

  2. Join a Group - There are several real estate referral groups on LinkedIn. Just go to Interests and then Groups and search away!

  3. Snoop - Check out who’s visited your profile recently by clicking Who’s Viewed Your Profile under the Profile tab. Just make sure that your profile settings are set to Open as opposed to Anonymous.

  4. Export Your Contacts - It’s always nice to have a backup of your contacts on hand. Just go to Network, click Contacts, then click on the Settings Icon and finally click Export LinkedIn Connections under Advanced Settings. You can even sync them into your address book!

  5. Sweet Tweets - You can set up LinkedIn to automatically publish your comments to Twitter by going to Edit Profile and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Customize Visibility link next to the Connections tab.

Hopefully some of last month’s LinkedIn tips helped get you started. Keep exploring LinkedIn’s features because the more you play around, the more comfortable you’ll become. LinkedIn is a very powerful networking tool but like anything in life, it is what you make it.

Donít Let Fear Keep You From Keeping In Touch 
Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation comes into effect July 1st, 2014.

The new legislation is extremely confusing and the penalties are absolutely terrifying! When I first heard about CASL, I didn’t know what to think but my mind was put at ease after speaking to a supervisor at the CASL call centre.

I was told that there are so many misconceptions regarding CASL that sometimes even lawyers are getting things wrong but as long as you’re responsible and use common sense, there really isn’t that much to worry about. That said, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

It’s extremely important to keep records of your subscribers. A videotaped confession or a signed affidavit would be great but that’s not very realistic. If you meet someone at an open house and offer to send them your newsletter, just make sure it’s documented in case it comes into question down the road.

I always kept a file on everyone I came into contact with and I would also have a box that I checked to determine whether or not they were subscribed to my newsletter. I never sent a newsletter to anyone unless I received their permission first so according to my CASL contact, I already have all the proof I need.

If however, you don’t have records of your past subscribers, you have until July 1st, 2017 to receive express consent. Again, it doesn’t have to be in writing but make sure you type the details of their consent into your database so that you have a record.

There were actually a few CASL rules that shocked me! For instance, if someone emails you about a property, you’re allowed to send them your newsletter without express consent for 6 months. I wouldn’t recommend this though as it’s a shady practice in my opinion.

CASL is designed to go after actual spammers, not the small business owners who act ethically and are just trying to make an honest living. That said, be vigilant with your record keeping and never send correspondence to someone who’s not expecting it. That’s not legal advice -- it’s just common sense.

I have heard so many different versions of CASL from various sources including real estate boards, marketing experts and even laywers. The best advice I can give you is to do your own research and contact CASL at 1-800-328-6189 and speak to them for yourself. Whatever you do though, don’t let fear keep you from keeping in touch!

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