Establishing yourself on Facebook is absolutely critical for real estate agents given the social nature of the business.  Our first article highlights some common mistakes real estate agents make on Facebook.

We’re also extremely excited to introduce our new social media service which automatically posts content on your behalf in order to keep your Facebook page fresh and up-to-date!

Finally, we’re offering you a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card if you “Like” us on Facebook!  They say money can’t buy you love but hopefully it can buy me a few likes :)

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How to Not Lose Face on Facebook 
Facebook is critical for generating referrals and building your brand.

Social media has changed word of mouth marketing in such as way that real estate agents must have an up-to-date, professional presence in order to remain relevant online.

Sometimes doing something wrong can be worse than doing nothing at all. We’ve rounded up the 5 most common mistakes real estate agents make on Facebook:

  1. It’s Nothing Personal, Just Business - It’s important to separate business from pleasure so set-up a formal business page. Using your personal page for business can actually get you banned on Facebook.

  2. No Personality - People visit Facebook to be entertained so make sure your posts are fresh, local, fun, captivating and most importantly, be yourself.

  3. Too Many Listings - The vast majority of your followers aren’t looking to buy a home anytime soon and the ones who are don’t care about your 1 bedroom condo or your executive estate.

  4. Not Going Local - Clients want an agent who’s knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their local area so support your community and be passionate. Post about local market conditions and community events as they’re more likely to be shared!

  5. Inconsistency - It’s important to create a content strategy in order to remain consistent. Use a spreadsheet to map out your posts ahead of time and mix it up with local info and general home advice.

Social media has definitely changed the traditional word of mouth referral business and by changing with it, you can build some buzz around your brand. If you find it difficult to consistently post to your Facebook business page, then check out our new social media service which is highlighted below.

Check Out Our New Social Media Service! 
You don’t have to struggle with social media any longer!

Many agents agonize over the constant chore of having to come up with engaging social media content so we’ve come up with a service that automatically updates your social media pages for you!

It’s critical to be consistent on social media so we now add 3 to 5 posts each week so your pages remain fresh even when you’re too busy to take care of them yourself.

The posts are educational and entertaining and the best part is that we occasionally add content that’s regionally specific! It’s that kind of personal touch that your followers will come to appreciate and before you know it, you’ll be viewed as the undisputed local expert.

We’re currently offering this service at no charge for the rest of the year and then after that, it’ll be just $25 per month which is a special, early bird rate that will be grandfathered in as long as you’re a client.

To get started, all you need to do is designate me as an “Editor” on your Facebook page so that I can post on your behalf. If you don’t currently have a Facebook business page, I can create one for you. Don’t delay – get started today!

Money Canít Buy Love, but it Can Buy Likes! 
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