Most agents don’t take advantage of the prime real estate that’s located at the bottom of their email messages.  This month we discuss why an email signature is such a simple and cost-effective way to continually promote yourself.

We also have an update regarding our social media service which has been a huge success in helping agents keep their Facebook and Twitter pages populated with posts!

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How to Create a Stunning Email Signature 
Promote your brand with every email you send!

All business owners have an incredible piece of real estate available to promote themselves at no cost but it’s often ignored!

An email signature presents an amazing opportunity to connect with your audience every time you send a message. It’s a great way to direct people to your content whether it’s your blog, social media page, website or newsletter.

Oftentimes an email you send in response to an inquiry or lead may be a prospect’s first impression of your brand. If you add a professional looking signature it speaks volumes and you may just increase your response rate!

Your signature is a reflection of your brand so keep it professional, simple and clean looking. Make sure you add your contact details, a professional looking photo, company logo and clickable links to your website and social media pages. Don’t bother with your fax number or email address but instead add a simple call-to-action such as a CMA or eBook.

The process of creating a signature varies depending on the type of email client you use but if you’re creatively challenged, check out Wisestamp where you can create a simple yet professional looking signature in just a few minutes.

As a real estate agent, you want to use every available opportunity to market yourself. An email signature is the ultimate in automation as it goes out to each and every person you send a message to with no extra effort (or cost) on your part.

Digital branding starts with your email so don’t let this great opportunity go to waste! If you’d like some help with your signature, just send me a quick message and I’ll give you some suggestions.

Agents Love our New Social Media Posting Service! 
Social media should be a major part of your business!

There are over a billion people on Facebook so if you think having a social media presence isn’t that important, think again!

If you don’t consistently update your Facebook and Twitter pages, not only will you lose your audience’s attention but you’ll also look like you’re no longer in business.

The problem is that it’s extremely time consuming to come up with new and relevant posts but we have a solution! In addition to our monthly eNewsletter service, we now offer a social media service that posts engaging real estate related content to your Facebook page in order to keep your audience engaged!

This amazing service allows you to switch your social media strategy to auto-pilot so you can get out there and sell homes! It’s only $25 per month but that price will be increasing soon so get in before it’s too late!

To get you in the spirit, we’re currently waiving the set-up fee and we’re also offering the 2nd month for free until November 25th. If you’re wanting to ramp up the social media side of your business, now’s the time to get started!

If you don’t have a Facebook business page, I can help you create one and if you already have a page, I can offer you a complimentary Facebook evaluation -- just send me your page and I’ll give it the once over!

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