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Having your home broken into is a traumatic experience that you definitely want to avoid so this month's article shares some tips on how to increase your home's security.

There are also some great feng shui ideas to help you create a harmonious home environment as well as a few tips on how to build a more close-knit community.

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San Diego Real Estate Market Update 
Lack of inventory weighs on San Diego home sales.

As home inventory continues to slump, sales of existing homes in San Diego County also labored in October, according to housing statistics compiled from the Multiple Listing Service by the Greater San Diego Association of REALTORS®.

Single-family home sales were down 2 percent in October compared to September, and were 7 percent lower than the same month last year.

Condominiums and townhomes similarly saw a 3 percent decrease in sales last month, and are down 8 percent from September of last year. So far in 2017, resale homes are off by just over 2 percent compared to the same period last year.

Median prices remained mostly level over the past month.  The price of single-family homes was virtually unchanged in October, standing at $611,250.  The median price of attached properties (condos and townhomes), was $407,000, an increase of only about 1 percent.  Collectively, prices all property types have risen about 8 percent from last year.

Resale homes were closing escrow in an average of only 30 days in October, another reflection of the lack of inventory.

“REALTORS® and home builders are watching with vested interest the negotiations for tax code reform in Washington,” said SDAR President Bob Kevane.

“Decisions about the mortgage interest deduction could have a drastic effect on the incentives to be a homeowner versus a renter.  SDAR and its members are lobbying our elected representatives to keep the deduction intact.”

In October, the zip codes in San Diego County with the most single-family home sales were:

  • 92028 (Fallbrook) with 58
  • 92127 (Rancho Bernardo East) with 47
  • 91977 (Spring Valley) with 46
  • 92019 (El Cajon) with 45
  • 92071 (Santee) with 42

The most expensive residential property sold in San Diego County in October was a 1959 gated craftsman home with panoramic views in Point Loma – 5,900 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 6 baths – with a sale price of $6.5 million.

Smart Home Security Made Simple 
A fully secure home will provide you with peace of mind.

Whether you’re at home sleeping or away on vacation, it’s important to know that your home is secure.  A secure home is also much more attractive to potential buyers when it comes time to sell.

Smart lighting, remote locks and wireless cameras can all make your home safer; however, the issue of cyber criminals hacking into smart home systems is a valid concern so homeowners shouldn’t forget about the basics.

Eliminate potential hiding spots by trimming down bushes that are around your windows and doors.  Most thieves are opportunists who see an open door or window and decide to take a chance and see what they can make off with.

Next, install strike plates on your doors to help protect the deadbolt from crowbars or kick attacks.  Thieves want to get into your home as quickly as possible so if one forceful kick doesn't work, they’ll likely turn and run.

Windows are also popular break in points so install heavy sash or keyed locks.  Installing an eyebolt in window corners also prevents the window from being opened from the outside.  Glass block windows are an excellent choice as they look attractive, can't be opened and are extremely difficult to break.

Give the impression your home is lived in while you're away on vacation by installing a dusk-to-dawn porch light.  Although technology allows you to control blinds and lights right from your smartphone, you'll still need to find someone to rake your leaves as there isn’t an app for that yet!

When it comes to home security, paying attention to the little things can often make a huge difference so take time to "case the joint" and list all the security failures that burglars would appreciate.  Potential buyers will prefer a secure home as it's one less thing for them to worry about so you may as well do it sooner than later so that you can enjoy the benefits as well.

The Feng Shui Way 
Creating good feng shui around your home is easier than you think!

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that helps achieve a harmonious living environment in order to promote happiness and prosperity.  Here are a few ideas to enhance the energy flow around your home:

  1. Think Outside the Nest - Birds bring great energy so add a few feeders and a bird bath in your backyard.

  2. The Right Path - Place a few plants and wind chimes on your porch and make sure the path to your front door is unobstructed.

  3. Fire & Ice - Essential oils, crystals, candles and water features such as fountains and fish bowls will bring calm and balance into your home.

  4. Mirror, Mirror - The strategic placement of mirrors helps improve feng shui by drawing more sunlight into otherwise murky rooms and by expanding narrow areas such as hallways.

  5. De-clutter - Clearing your home of clutter will introduce a smoother flow of energy.  Clutter is a sign of trapped energy so be ruthless and get rid of everything you don’t need.

Feng shui emphasizes that our physical surroundings have an impact on our emotional well-being so it’s important to be aware of how we arrange our space.  Buyers often feel certain vibes when they enter a home so a "harmonious feel" could be the difference between a quick sale and one that drags on.

Building a Better Community 
Getting to know the people living around you offers plenty of benefits!

Research shows that there are many physical and mental health benefits to enjoying a sense of belonging.  Here are a few ideas to help you build community spirit:

  1. Rags to Riches - Organize a garage sale or clothing swap in your ‘hood.  It’s also a great way to get rid of clutter!

  2. Clean Green - Coordinate a park clean-up and then enjoy drinks and snacks that will hopefully be donated by a local business.

  3. Book Smart - Build a “Little Library” at your local park or on your front lawn and enjoy watching people gather to exchange books.

Getting to know people who live close by will really improve your quality of life and foster a sense of belonging.  Social media can also help build a safe, connected, friendly place to live by providing a platform to share events and ideas.

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